Adam Ney
Adam Ney is the author of Auggie V’s Green Blog, managing director of AuctorVerno (AV) and Chief Content Officer of  The site is the Connecticut’s leading on-line resource for green business and green building activities.  Here you’ll find green business and green building news stories, a green jobs directory and much more.  In addition to the Web site, AV also helps organizations implement best green practices for their workforce, operation, supply/value chain and reputation/image. One of the goals of AV is to help small-mid sized firms realize their green potential. Using AV’s trademarked GreenStorming® Solutions program, Adam has worked with industry leaders, NGOs and governmental agencies. Adam believes that green is no longer a movement but a smart business practice that cuts costs and eliminates waste, doesn’t harm the environment and can have a positive impact on an organization’s bottom-line.